Unlikely comrades

“Hey look Hank can you hotwire a car?”
“Does the pope shit in the woods?”
“Well uh i”
“The answer is yes.”
“Well look take the bags out of this car and put em in that car right over there at that car lot and we willl go in this gas station bathroom and ditch the old bags from the bank job ok?”
“You must be gettin sober cause that sounds like a plan.”
The black lincoln had spotted the fairlane and pulled in by the bathroom.
As britney and jared began to make out in the bathroom the door flung open.
“Hey big pauley sent us to collect his debt”
“Yeah the pollack you shot was married to his fat sister so now yall gotta get square with the house.(imaginary square with his fingers).
The keys fell from the sun visor when Hank heard the shots ring out.
Hank pulled out and started to drive when a skinny tomcat lept into the passsanger seat,”well how did you get in hear little fellow.”
The cat replied, “Skip it bub, we got a 100,000 and a cheubaca outfit in the trunk, makes us partners.”

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