The Appartment

It took a while to get Annalese to stop crying. Once the tear ceased, Jared told her that they should be getting back to the appartment.

The appartment was by far the most disgusting, dreadful place either sibling had ever seen. It was filthy, with the yellowed carpet matching the yellowed walls. The tiny rooms were barely big enough for one person, let alone two. But, it was all they could afford. Jared and Annalese both had to work. They still didn’t exactly understand the concept of working and money, there was nothing like that back home. They just knew to do as they were told, and when the thin fragile substance that people called “money” was handed to them, they had to hand it over to the “land lord” in order to keep the appartment.

Upon entering their so-called home, Annalese immediately laid down on the floor (they had no furniture) and tried falling asleep.

She could never fall asleep right away. Her mind always led her back to that horrible day. The day that man attacked them.

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