At lunch Stephen caught up with me. “Hey Jessica!” He smiled, and his hazel eyes looked as gorgeous as ever. But another pair of eyes flashed in my mind. Green, glistening, flickering, sparkling ones.

James. The name really didn’t fit him. Seriously? He was one of those ahem… “bad boys.” The ideal stereotype. Like Jess on Gilmore Girls, except with straight hair.

And of course, beautiful eyes.

Of course, I didn’t really know anything about James. Except from one meeting, from which I could tell a lot.

“What are you thinking about?” Stephen smiled as he asked. He just wouldn’t stop smiling!

“What? Oh, nothing. Sorry, I’m just tired.” I yawned for effect. I know, I’m such an actress right? I should win an award. ANYWAYS , I continued, “Are you excited about babysitting?!” I said with fake enthusiasm.

“Well, it’s with you, so it will be amazing.” And he smiled at me. (Will he ever stop with the smiling?) I smiled back anyways.

Wow. He sure is good at flattery.

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