"Can I tell you a story?" Continued!!!

“The four of us got to the drive-in eventually, the Mustang just down Crenshaw Road outside town, and I say something like ‘I’m gonna go get nachos and a drink’. John and Michelle both say they are full and that they’re gonna wait in the car. Amanda though, she jumps up excitedly and tags along to the concession with me.

Now; I don’t notice flirting often, but this girl was all over me and I felt bad, so I told her to stop. You know, like I’m just thinking about John and how he kept going on and on about this girl during that bike ride and how much he likes her. The weird part is that she said she ‘totally understood’ and she apologized, but then she said she thinks her and I have some kinda connection that’s deeper than her and Johns.

I remember replying with something along the lines of ‘That’s great, but you’re with John and I love that guy like a brother, so just chill alright?’ We bought our food without talking and headed back to the car, we looked inside and there was John and Michelle making out…”

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