Wonderball...or man?

Emily’s mind was in a rush to think of what to do. The Wonderball had warned her against coming here, yet had told her to bring it here. What in the world was going on?

She turned around. She had every intention to throw it out the window and end this. Her hand reached out to the lock, the Wonderball clicking in her other hand. Suddenly, it grew hot. Burning hot. Emily dropped it, crying out in pain. She looked at it on the floor. The Wonderball continued to make noises, louder and stranger.

Emily took two steps back, looking back at Dana. Fear was the only emotion she could see in her friend’s eyes now. Emily had made a huge mistake.

The room began to spin around Emily. The heat from the Wonderball was growing intensly. It felt as though the room itself may explode around them. She covered her eyes, trying to scream for help.

She looked up as the noise stopped. The Wonderball pulsed and grew, taking shape. Emily looked on. It almost looked as though it was becoming…human.

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