Vivid Dreams (Unexpected Twist Challenge)

Jenny, Brendon, and Tracy sat on the couch.

I could sense more insanity in Jenny’s voice each day. “We’re all that’s left. The rest, they’re…”

“Dead,” Brendon finished her sentence.

“What the hell are those things anyway?!” Tracy shouted.

“Like any of us know what they are,” I remarked.

“They’re gonna kill us. The boards on the windows aren’t gonna keep them out.” Jenny’s entire body was shaking.

“Food’s already running low,” Brendon protested, “we’ve got to face those…creatures, and get out of this town!”

“Brendon,” I said, “You’re right. We’ve gotta get out of here. Let’s go kill ‘em.” I went to my cabinet and pulled out three guns.

We began taking the boards off the door. I handed the gun to Brendon. I opened the door.

One was standing right on the steps. It raised its foot. The claws were the size of my fist. I screamed.

“Emily!” Mom yelled, running into my room.

“I’m okay,” I said, “It was just another bad dream.” I’d been having nightmares for the past week.

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