Everybody's Envy (Unexpected Twist Challenge)

The wind felt great rushing through my hair. My tie flickered wildly over my right shoulder as the wind whipped me. My suit jacket bellowed out behind me, damn close to flying off.

I saw my reflection in the windows. Moving fast. Everybody watching. Poor bastards, stuck inside on a beautiful day like this.

Almost there! I thought. Finally.

I took another glance back at the reflection and loosened my tie, letting the wind take it.

A smile spread across my face. A pure smile. Not forced. First one in years. I glanced back at my reflection and adjusted my sunglasses.

I heard my cell ringing over the roaring. I pulled it out of my pocket and sent it the way of my tie without even looking at who it was. Who gives a damn anyway?

Won’t be needing it anymore…

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the rush of the air on my skin. It massaged my face. Felt wonderful…all alone out here.

Everybody watched me me fly.


I hit the pavement hard. Dead. Sixty-three stories. Gotta go out big. From the roof, baby!

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