I'm glad

I can’t remember what I even did to help this wonderful creature that God had made. I just stood there, watching the gentle way he worked. Each piece of strawberry becoming wine in his large, strong hands. Before I knew it, he was standing infront of me, his hands on my shoulders. It was time to break for lunch, he said to me. I just nodded, no words coming to mind to speak. He grabbed his lunchbox, promising me he had enough for both of us, and a fresh bottle of strawberry wine. He winked at me and whispered,
“We need to test some.”
He took my hand and led me through the vinyard, then into the trees that were located around Gramps property. A small creek winded beside us, but we didn’t stop till we came to a clearing. There he dropped his cargo, but not my hand. He plopped down beside the creek, pulling me down beside him.
“I’m glad your Gramps invited you down this summer,” he whispered. “It’s nice to have someone young around this place.” I shifted my eyes over to him, just to see him staring back.

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