Broken Window (egnellahC sdrawkcaB)

“I totally had these guys right where I wanted ‘em.â€? He pushed Vlad to the ground and gave him a kick to the stomach for good measure. “Honestly,â€? grabbing the back of his head, “it’s like he was drilling for oil back there.â€? One more kick to Vlad’s stomach.

“Cry baby.â€? Her arm fully extended, “now where is the folder?â€?

“Over there on the desk.â€? George tilted his head back in the direction of the dead fat man. “Do you know what’s in it?â€?

“Not my job to know. Our job is to take it to Sloan.â€?

George knew what was in the folder. Which is why when Sarah walked to the desk to pick it up, he shot her in the back of the head. “Sorry babe, but there’s no way I can let Sloan have that file.â€?

Down the hall, George could hear guards making their way to the office. He grabbed the folder and dove out the window, landing in a pile of broken glass. A black sedan slid up next to him, passenger door flung open. “You get it?â€?

“Yeah.â€? Gunshots rung out as he climbed in and the car peeled off into the distance. “I got it.â€?

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