Peripheral Evil Part 9 (The Builder's ring)

Sully could swear that, instead of darkness, shadows had seized the world lit by Rosalyn’s headlights.
“It was sweet of your parents to come sull.”
“What? my parents weren’t there.”
“Yes they were, at the other-side by the parking lot.”
She pulled up in the drive way and gave Sully a hug goodbye.
Sullies Dad walked to the passenger window, “Rosy how is Jim Doing.”
“He is doing better sir, the Dr. gave him some Zanex.”
“Dad, how do you know Rev. Jenkins?”
“We went to college together Sull, he is the one who introduced me to your mom.”
Rosy did not seem surprised at all, like she had met Sully’s dad before.
As the concerned father opened the door for his son, Sully noticed for the first time, the Ring on his father’s hand was the same Rev. Jenkins wore.
“Me and Jim took our Yorkright ceremony together when
we first joined the masons, and pledged to defend the widows son.”
Sully caught a glimpse of a shadow become a magpie and ascend, and for the first time he realized his father had seen it too.

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