The Grand Fleetest Flyer Test [Fairy Tale Challenge]

One day, the prince decided to consult the fortune teller.

He told her of his problem in deciding which of the two princesses to marry.

“The princess that can fly the fleetest shall bring you the most happiness.”

He questioned her for exactly what she meant, but she wouldn’t speak another word.

The prince went home to his large castle, and pondered the fortune teller’s words. Then, he thought of a wonderful idea to test which princess could fly the fleetest.

The two princesses stood, side by identical side, on the ledge of the highest window in the castle.

At the sound of a trumpet, both Alina and Falina stepped off of the ledge, and started to fly towards the ground below.

The prince watched closely to see which of the sisters fell fastest, but as they approached the ground below, neither pulled ahead.

Together, screaming at exactly the same pitch and volume, the two sisters hit the ground and met an instantaneous death.

“I do believe I shall wait to marry some other time”, announced the prince.

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