Peripheral Evil Part 15 (An Evening in Hades)

The minivans screeched to a halt before the flaming mass.
“No Scott you’ll die” His wife screamed as she put a flying full nelson around Annette trying to enter the inferno.
The women exchanged swears in an ancient tongue that must have surely contained the phrase ‘Get off me bitch, that’s my husband’.
An explosion caused the steeple to crash through the rectory and a swarm of magpies tried to enter the church.
Rosalyn ordered, as she held the red ring, and made smoke of the magpies.
Sully held up his hands, and two magpies flew out of the Hell on earth that had been the Persimmon Hill Pentecostal Tabernacle, to land in his perfect hands. He layed the spent birds on the ground, and they became the children’s fathers.
Jim coughed up blood and spoke sternly,”Listen to the witch Scott the instigator speaks the truth, give him the ring its no longer yours.”
Both women, still in a wrestling hold, yelled in perfect stereo, ” BENEJESUIT MOTHERS OF THE GRAIL not witches ASSHOLE !”

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