Batten down the hatches

Johhny Razor was in a pensive mood. After all of the rush to execute their operation, the Edge Team was now in control of the campus.

Their bombs were planted, and the hostages were under control. All that remained now was to stay alert, and prepare for the inevitable confrontation.

Mack the Shiv had told them from the start that they were to achieve more than just another boring hostage drama. They had a purpose, and were not about to forget it.

Johnny had felt the faintest of twinges when he slit his sham girlfriend’s throat in that old dumpster, but their purpose had carried him through. He trusted Mack, and knew that they would prevail.

Mack’s voice squawked over their ultra hardened radio links. “Brothers, I have it on good authority that the Raveners have been deployed. Congratulations, we forced them into it!”

“Now everyone keep to their position, and know that in the end our plan will succeed. Believe in yourselves. We will cause a dark dawn that will blight civilisation for decades to come!”

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