About as Thinly Concealed as Katy Perry's Lesbianism

There was absolute silence from the trees, and yet an entire black ops team had shed their parachutes, adjusted their gear, and traversed the leaves with incredible speed and quiet.

The faintly glowing orbs of Hawk’s goggles turned to Lynx.

“The campus is in sight,” he said, through a series of complicated hand gestures.

Lynx gestured to the other four. “Surround. Hawk and Eagle, keep snipers ready.”

The rest nodded and melted into the trees. Lynx felt a twinge of satisfaction, but it was quickly erased from the gravity of the mission. If any of them were detected in the slightest bit, the terrorists would no doubt open fire on the people inside.

Lynx rushed through the foliage and stopped ten feet away from the end of the trees – close enough to see the university and far enough back to stay hidden.

Suddenly, the ratatat of gunfire screamed on the west side of the building. Lynx heard a yell in his com-set. “Team report?”




Static. They’d been found.

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