“And that someone is you.” I did it. I finally told him what I had always wanted to. I always said I liked Ron, but truthfully I didn’t. I wanted Jay.

“Oh Ron I’m so happy that this is happening, it’s what I’ve always wanted.” Oh crap. Did I just say Ron?!

“Ron? RON ? You think you can just sit here and lead me on? You can really do that to someone you’ve know since the 3rd grade? I didn’t think you were like that Winter, I thought you were different. I thought if I ever had the privledge to have you, you would really like me. You wouldn’t makeout with me for the hell of it, just because Ron was leaving. I’m done Winter. Don’t try to convince me otherwise.”

“Jay! No! Wait! I… I.. don’t know why I said that. I can explain, just come back. Please!” Why won’t he just believe me? It really was an honest mistake. I’m just so used to pretending to like Ron that I just said Ron! I finally had the one thing I’d always wanted and I ruined it. Great.

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