Mistress in my Mind

After dinner, I took a shower and did my evening routine before going to bed. My mouth was cool with the taste of toothpaste after brushing my teeth, and my hair was ruffled in a mess, just how I liked it before going to bed. After making some absurd faces and noises in the mirror, I went to my bedroom to find that I felt surprisingly tired. It was only ten o’clock.

Wow… usually I’m not tired at all until midnight…

I shrugged, jumping into my soft bed and turning off my bedside lamp. As my eye lids slowly covered my eyes, images danced through my mind. Some of my friends and the good times we had. Then, the face of a beautiful girl appeared. She was smiling, and looking at me with her aqua blue eyes that were filled with such intrensic beauty that it sent warmth through my veins.

Who are you? I thought, lost in her eyes.

But she didn’t answer, and her image began to slowly fade away. I opened my eyes suddenly, pondering what I’d just seen in my mind.
Maybe it’s her…

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