Superhero Obituaries-The A-Hole Avenger A.K.A. Mr Super Nice dies tragically at 55

The A-Hole Avenger, or Mr. Super Nice died tragically last Friday during an Andrew Dice Clay show at the local arena.During a long and illustrious career of standing up for the little guy against a-holes everywhere, it is estimated that Mr. Super Nice bitch slapped or otherwise physically chastised upwards of two million a-holes. His patented move the”Kill them with Kindness”(tm) had a six figure death toll in Jersey alone.
Last Friday’s Dice Clay comeback show was to much of a challenge for our faithful hero to resist. Every a-hole in a two hundred mile radius had tickets. Unfortunately after subduing only a quarter of the audience, Mr. Super Nice made a move for the stage.This enraged the remaining assholes who then banded together and overwhelmed him , singing hosannas to “The Diceman” all the while. No criminal charges are pending, because “even though they were all assholes , he started it,”replied local authorities.
Mr. Super Nice is survived by his brother and nemesis Mr. Awful.

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