Stranded (Use Your Senses Challenge)

The dry sand stretched out as far as I could see. There was so much of it, and nothing else. I could almost smell it. My eyes ached from the brightness of the sun. Its heat beat down on me, causing beads of sweat to form and make my now soggy clothes cling to my skin.

I guessed I had been stranded for a little more than 24 hours. How could that bastard have left me here? Just when I thought I could trust him.

There was a great deal of pain each time I swallowed and it felt like sandpaper was rubbing against the soft tissues of my raw throat. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth from lack of liquid.

The bite on my leg was the most painful, though. It throbbed and stung, and carried this pain throughout my entire body. I could feel it in each organ, it ran through my blood. Like someone was hitting me with a bat and stabbing me at the same time.

I sat down on the hard, burning ground, coughing as more sand got into my parched lungs. All I could do was stay in the silence and hope to be saved.

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