FICBLOG!: Make it Past the Bug Problem!

Ok, I know that we have all been suffering. Something on Ficlets is broken.

The only remedy I have right now is just kept refreshing until it shows up.

I do think it is ridiculous that AOL hasn’t sent anyone to fix it. It is like since Kev left, no one else seems to care. I can’t contact them unless I really have AOL . It seems having AIM doesn’t matter. So if any of your ficleters out there have AOL , please send them a complaint or just a note on this.

Also, at the bottom of this site there is a Feedback/Bug Report in blue. If you just keep sending bug reports, maybe they will listen.

Please, please do not give up on the site! We are a team, a family, we can get through this! Post any updates on this using this new ficblog.

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