“Well…” I began, shifting slightly closer to Tyler. “I noticed a ficlet Tyler had posted.”

My mother rolled her eyes at the mention of the site I devote so much time to.

“And my comment made him feel better… So we continued talking about nothing inparticular… And eventually we begame closer through AIM and then the phone… And throughout the time we talked…” I was careful not to metion it had only been slightly over a week. “We fell for each other.”

My mom had an amused look on her face. But then she glanced towards Tyler, as did I, and when I looked back at her… her expression had softened. I could tell see saw the deepth of our affection that we had just shared through that single glace, she was good at catching things like that.

“Well Tyler, I was talking to your Dad… And you don’t seem to bad a kid.” I got up and hugged her. While I was hugging her she whipsered in my ear, “And he’s cute!”

I stepped back laughng with my mom and smiled at Tyler, who had a confused smile on.

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