Dinner and a Walk?

I got out of the cab and helped Tyler out behind me, even though he clearly said he didn’t need any. Once we were all in the restaurant, Tyler’s mom had met us there, we got one table. As much as I wanted to be alone with Tyler, I couldn’t leave my mom alone with two people she’d only just met.

Tyler sat next to me. We chatted like we’d been freinds forever, only rarely stopping to chat with our parents. It was much better then I thought it could have been. Mom and Tyler’s parents hit it off immediatley.

Every once in awhile I would catch mine or Tyler’s name being said from the parents, but surprisingly they hardley talked about us.

After dinner was ordered and the Parson’s had convinced my mom to let them pay for us, Tyler asked if the two of us could head over to Central Park.

I could see worry pass through both our parents faces, but they agreed only if we promised to be back in an hour. Tyler’s dad hailed us a cab and we were off.

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