The day after Tomorrow

I tried putting on my best ‘heh, I’m sorry’ smile, though it didn’t seem to work. Mom’s hands were on her waist, dad close behind her, while Rose’s mother was giving her the death glare. I felt her shrink into my shoulder for protection.
After some time of stern silence, my parents seemed to understand that I’d let their unspoken words sink in.

“Well, we just can’t seem to leave you two alone for long, can we?” my mom started, in a half-serious tone.
I smiled and looked down at Rose, still nuzzled comfortably between my arm and shoulder.
“I guess we just lost track of time watching the fireworks. They should be over soon.”

My father nodded.
“Well, you should have plenty of time to spend together tomorrow, so we should be getting back to the hotel for some sleep.”
Another smile spread across my face at the thought of seeing Rose the next day. Then, an unpleasant thought crossed my mind.
“When are we leaving?”
My father saw the look of despair in my eyes and sighed.
“The day after tomorrow.”

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