V. Illen Finds a Friend

Dr. V. Illen cracked open Imee Vill’s Guide to Villainy, and began searching the pages.

“Secede from good guy friends,” he read to himself “check…find a lair, check… obtain supercomputer…” He looked up at P. Craig’s shiny purple exterior “check…Obtain head henchman. Alright, Craig, find me a head henchman!”

P. Craig’s circuitry hummed and tinkled a jolly tune as he brought up a list of possible candidates, with pictures and resumes.

Edward searched Craig’s list.

“Blondie B. Ombshell…no, I don’t think I’m quite the caliber of villain for a female head hench…person.” said Edward to himself.

“P.T. Undasgaiz seems like a good fit, nice arms, sculpted chest…Ooh! And he’s got experience too.” giggled P. Craig.

“No…I think I need to pick someone who really fits with my identity as a supervillain. Hey! This guy looks like a good fit… B.A. Kstavver! Dial him up, Craig!”

“Will do, Doctor!”

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