Who F@#$ed Ficlets? a challenge

O.k. so I’m issuing a challenge to all lovers of conspiracy… While the dark days of the “Great Ficlet Eff Off (‘08)tm” are still fresh in our minds , I want theories as to the cause. The more outlandish and conspiracy ridden the better.Personally I think it was someone who had a beef with Kevin Lawver and John Perkins who wanted to see if Mighty Joe Young was as crazed in real life as he is in the written word, but that’s just me ,I blame Eddie Joe for everything. Let me repeat “THE MORE FANTASTIC AND RETARDED THE BETTER !” and I meant every capital on that. This is a contest with vast rewards for the winner.The best theory will receive the invisible edition of the Ficlinomicon.Need I say more?

.... so I’ll judge this by ,like september 15th -ish (don’t hold me to that, but I’ll do my best)

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