Accursed Senses

I cleared my throat, surprised at how easily I had persuaded my cousin to my side. People have always said that I’m good at persuasion…

“Very well, Lazlo. Just answer me this one question: What exactly would this motivation be?”

She glanced at me quickly, adding a quick wink invisible to her brother’s own eyes, and answered, “I’ll explain later, away from any wondering ears…”

At this, my gaze traveled to her battered brother, whose bloody bandages needed changing. I’d inform the doctor of that while we left.

“Hmmm… I see what you mean… Well, I suppose you should consider yourself lucky, cousin Ezra. We’ll withhold your questioning until further notice.”

And with this final say, I turned towards the door, which Lily promptly held open for me.

As I walked out the door, I caught a slight wave out of the corner of my eye between the two twins.

So, perhaps Lily still wasn’t as loyal as I had first thought…

I locked that thought away, and beckoned at Lily to hurry up.

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