An Unnatural Coma : Part 5

“The door, it’s locked.” the voice outside the door exclaimed, it was the nurse. I don’t know how she wasn’t scheduled to check up on him for another hour, but just happens to walk by now?
“Hello, is anyone in there?” asked the nurse.
My focus was still on the bandage, I started to remove the bandage when the noise of a key in the lock caught my ear. I looked around to my horror there was no where to hide, if I were to hide in the bathroom, she’d see me for sure. Then I looked down realizing it was my only option, I dove under the bed and made myself as quiet as possible, then the door opened. The nurse entered the room, the clicking of her shoes against the cold, glossy, linoleum floor.
“I could have sworn I heard something in here.” she said.
She sensed my presence, I know she did. She moved to suspiciously to not know I was here, she played it off by moving objects and looking at moniters waiting for me to give up my location. I stayed motionless and as she was leaving, dust fell onto my nose.

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