We Interrupt This Regularly Schedualed Ficlet to Bring You This Challenge

We have our favorites; we have the ones we absolutely abhor. We’re constantly bombarded with them.
Yes, commercials.
I’m in a challenge-y mood. So here’s my challenge to you:
In the length of one ficlet, write us a commercial. It can be an advertisement for a fictional product, an promotion for a series (not greatly encouraged, but if you really want to I guess I can’t stop you), a fictional movie trailer, a PSA (Public Service Announcement), whatever.
My only restriction: No long-winded Infomercials. Why? Because I personally hate Infomercials.
I haven’t quite decided yet. Maybe I’ll just judge whenever I feel like it, and not tell anyone ;-)
(But I’m not that mean, I’ll edit this with the date)

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