Shotgun never gets the best

Maybe Lily isn’t as much of a controlling maniac as I thought…
She’s actually really honest and open.

I sit shotgun and Lily sits in the Driver’s seat. She puts it in ignition, looks back, and makes her way out of her driveway.

“Where are we going again?
“Its a suprise….”
“You know, I hate suprises…..”
“Don’t be a baby, it’ll be fun” She coaxed.
stretched forward and turned on the radio to 99.5, my favorite. Love lockdown by Kanye was playing.

30 minutes had passed and my dress was giving me a painful wedgie.

“When are we going to get there?”
“Ooo, Anxious to get there, aren’t we…” Lily teased.
No, Im getting my butt kicked in this dress
“Okay, we’re here dollface…” She said with a sigh.

She parked the car as we headed to our “NON-DATE”

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