An Unwelcome Visitor

It was 11 of the clock, only one more hour until I was to see my dear Robin again. I was so excited. Here was a chance for us to finally be alone together. I giggled quietly in the night to myself at the oxymoron.

I was starting to despise this waiting. It was too much. I wanted to see him now!

ding dong

Well, I guess he couldn’t wait either. I skipped down the stairs in my nightgown and pulled the door open, my smile suddenly wiped off my face at the sight I was seeing.

It was Redley. “So my dear, we haven’t really spent some time together yet.”
“no but-”
“Well then, I hope you don’t mind me coming and relaxing with you for a bit.” I wasn’t liking the gleen in his eyes. Redley had something planned that I didn’t want to be part of. I watched his eyes rake over my body in my thing lace nightgown. “After all, you are my finacee…I think it’s time you start acting like it.”

And he shoved himself past me into the door up to my room.

And my father was fast asleep, snoring in his bedroom.

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