Tough Love~ Flashback

Flashback to the summer two years ago

I was stressed out. I was starting seventh grade in two weeks, which would mean having to deal with those kids that bully me on the bus and not getting to see my girlfriend, Sophie, as much (she went to a different school district then me). Plus having to deal with all of these new classes and stuff.

It was one of the times I was rarely ever stressed or angered. I was happy and in love, what could go wrong in seventh grade to stop this incredible high?...actually it only took one phone call.
“Sophie! Hey, I called you and-”
“That’s what I called to talk about. We’re-well…we’re done.”

It was nearly impossible to keep my cell phone in my hand at those words. “But- but why?” I gasped.
“You’re too protective. You tend to call me every five minutes leaving me messages of you desperatly wondering where I am. So I’m ending this before anything gets anymore serious. Don’t call me again-ever.”

click went my phone and my heart.

So painful love is.

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