I been here for Years (Don't call it a comeback challenge)

Everything comes back around. What’s hot today, is cold tommorrow is icy next year is muy caliente in five, ten, or twenty years. American culture is becoming more self referential, the culture snake eats its own tail in ever shortening loops.

Even knowing all this I was shocked when I came out of the critical cheese closet and found new respect almost twenty years exactly from when I first hit number one on the billboard charts.

“Rob, five minutes,” my cute assistant pops her head in, I can hear 10,000 people screaming for me in the back ground.

I may be forty now but I am so filled with energy , it’s like I turned twenty one yesterday. The two hours of rapping and dancing will just pump the endorphins to nearly impossible levels.

In front of the crowd the unmistakable base line that I once was sued over , and the crowd all yelling…

“All right stop!” I start them off.

“Collaborate and listen!” they roar out .

“Ice is back with a brand new invention…”

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