The Fraternity of Vitualous and Solvus(part 2)

In the corner of one of the cells, a man let out a deep sigh, breaking the silence. “Vitualous?â€? whispered the man sharing the cell. “Go to sleep Solvus,â€? said Vitualous. “I will not find rest this night brother. How can I?â€? Solvus said. “Worry not,â€? Vitualous replied. “Worry not? Worry not? How can you say that? Tomorrow we face our deaths and you tell me to worry not!â€? exclaimed Solvus. “I repeat, worry not. Just stick to the plan,â€? Vitualous responded. “It will work out. Don’t you trust me?â€? “Of course,â€? replied Solvus, slightly hurt. “It’s just that the odds are pinned against us. And even if all goes well, there are still holes that need to be patched.â€? “Brother,â€? said Vitualous smiling and placing his hand on Solvus’s shoulder. â€?Have faith. Everything will work out. You will see. Now go to sleep.â€? Not feeling completely sure, but slightly assuaged Solvus lied down, curled himself up to fight the cold, and steadily and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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