NaNoWiMo Novel: Ch.3 Confontation

I stare down at our hands that are still intertwined.

Suddenly I hear a car pull up, stop and a door open.

“Hazel?â€? An entirely too familiar voice called.

I look up sheepishly and see Chris walking towards Edwin and I. Edwin glances between the angry look on Chris’ face and the shocked look on mine. I stand up and walk towards Chris, taking a deep breath as I go.

“Who’s he?â€? Chris asks angrily when I’m close enough. “You said you didn’t have a boyfriend.â€?

“I know, and when I said that I didn’t. Well not really I guess…â€? I say, grasping at something to explain it. “We… uh Edwin and I-“

“Edwin?â€? Chris laughs. “What is he, British?â€?

“Yes. He is.â€? I say through gritted teeth. The smile falls from Chris’ face. “And we we’re together this summer, but I didn’t know until I got home today he was going to come and stay with us.â€?

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