So _Pathetically_ in love with him(manwhore series)

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...i want to hate him so badly but ican’t..i wanna forget everything but i rather not..i have mixed feelings about everything..i want to get over feeling so pathetic…i wanna stop the hurtin so bad..i wanna see what it wuld be like if i went out with him again..4 real..but i wanna go out with the shane before..he was so sweet..and i wanna let go of the past..also i want him to stop giving me mixed signals..i want to ask him what he would think was gonna happen if he thinks we stayed together before

Well..I answered his request for me to spill….and I feel like I just dug a deeper hole….

Get over it…he’s going out with your bestfriend..who doesn’t even know you have feelings for her boyfriend….

You even know he’s gonna hurt you..he told david and he told me…”Im bet I can score her if I try for a couple of days..”

I imagined his voice saying that…and oddly…I secretly liked it..



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