The House

The grounds were dark, nearly pitch black. Even through this suffocating blackness, however, pale lights could be seen flickering on and off, one by one in the windows.

The House towered over all else surrounding it, even the infinitely dead trees. The bell tower, tallest of all, seemed to leer at the two intruders far below.

I could feel Jordan’s shuddering breaths behind me. I knew he was scared, and I was sorry I had dragged him here. The House somehow seemed alive, even though (supposedly) no one lived there.

Lightning flashed, and, in that split second, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye. Jordan saw it too. We looked over. The barn door was open, banging slightly against the rotting wood. I knew it hadn’t been open before.

All of a sudden, lights filled my vision; every window was ablaze, the trees had seemingly come to life! The branches seemed to be reaching, reaching for me, and just before blackness, a silhouette appeared in the barn door.

I awoke.


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