The Chase

We stampeded through the marble halls of the lower levels. There were a few close calls along the way. There were less Guards down here, but there they were nonetheless.

It seemed like that was going to change. Dadaelee said she was hearing more Guards coming down from the upper levels. We increased our pace. For all I knew, it could be the Sovereign Guard with Judge Dench himself in front. He was notoriously cruel in the City.

Oh look. It is him. I knew because we crashed right into them.

“Oh look. We’ve found them,” Dench said in his creepy-smooth voice. Crap. He was right, after all.

We all stood paralyzed. Then we ran, as if on cue. But Fauxtes wasn’t fast enough. A Guard reached out and seized him by the collar. They jostled him to the center of the group of Guards.

The other two didn’t notice him as they ran away. I didn’t blame them for anything. I ran. I would have to try to rescue Fauxtes later. But then.

“Dali. We have your mother,” crooned Judge Dench.

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