Audience With the Sovereign Marshall

As I entered the room, I saw my mother. She was sitting next to the Marshall, in a less grand, smaller version of the Throne. I immediately bolted for her, only to find a Guard’s hand planted in my stomach. Ow.

“Now, now, Dali. Don’t be so rash. We’re treating your mother nicely.” (At this Mother snorted, almost making me smile. Almost.) “Just play along, won’t you?” the Marshall said.

I jumped forward a bit, just to keep the Guards and the Marshall on their toes. It only resulted in a tighter binding.

“Remove his gag,” the Marshall ordered.

The filthy scrap was torn away, letting me breathe clean air. “Let her go!” I screamed.

“My my, temper. Maybe I should put the gag back on, but this time with. . .Knoxi venom?”

I shut up.

“As I thought. Now that we’re past the niceties, I’m sure we can arrange something for you and your Builder friends.Let’s see, the Corridor of Wraiths, or perhaps the Dark-”

“Tell me what the Endless Corridor is,” I barked.

“All right,” he said.

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