It's All in Your Head

As I touched the handle of the door, I looked back at the sphinx. But it was no longer there. Only a stretch of black leading back to the door that I had come through. I sighed and pushed open the door.

Light blasted my retinas, temporarily blinding. As they adjusted, I could barely make out a totally white house, completely smooth on all sides save for a door. I walked through the snowy waste, feet making no sound as they fell in and out of snowbanks. It wasn’t cold, strangely enough.

I sighed again. Why all these doors? They only hid secrets and covered things up. I turned the handle and stepped inside. A parlor with a crackling fireplace stood in front of me, but it seemed no one was there.

“Hello?” wary of an answer.


I jumped. It seemed like someone had spoken, but it wasn’t exactly words, it was more…

Thoughts. I’m in your head.

I groaned. I was senile enough, now this Train had to invade my mind?

Whoever it was laughed…in my head. Drat.

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