Wednesday Thomas

“Mr. Richards,” said a distinctly feminine voice.
“I’m over here.” Burtininkas replied impatiently. The woman approached his worktable.
“I’m Wednesday Thomas. Your new assistant.” Wednesday retracted her hand after Burtkininkas refused to shake it.
“I ask but one thing of my… assistants. Do not fratenize with my customers!”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Wednesday’s voice was deliciously raspy, and her short, black hair curled against her apple cheeks. Her lips were naturally red, and she had a few unnoticable freckles around her nose. In short, any man, other than the oblivious Burtininkas, would realize how beautiful she was. This fact irritated her.
“And just a couple of other things. One, please do call me Burtininkas, or Burt if you prefer. The other is I shall only tell what is necessary for you and I to perform the trick with credibility.”
“I’d never ask for anything more.” Her lips curled into a smile. Burtininkas stared at her before turning again to his notes.

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