Bard's Bad Ballads

Princess Zephya loves the prince,
She loves, she loves, she loves the prince,
She could kiss him night and day
‘Cause Princess Zephya loves the prince.

Princess Zephya narrowed her eyes. “Can’t you get a better bard? He doesn’t even rhyme, and he sings songs that aren’t true in the least!”

“You’re saying you don’t love me?” the prince of Vorvian said with raised eyebrows.

“Of course not! You stole me from my father!”

Prince Coute stole Zephya,
He stole, he stole, he stole Zephya.
He could kidnap anyone
Because he stole Zephya.

“Shut up!” the prince and princess yelled at the same time.

“Well, I don’t see that as grounds for you not to love me.”

“What? How can you expect that I would love you!”

“I…I’m the prince of Vorvian!”

“Oh, shut up.”

Oh, Princess Zephya’s really mad,
She’s really quite fired.
Prince Coute will get the boot
And the bard will retire.

“Shut up!”

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