In-Character Survey: Simon from "Requiem for A Cat-Lady", "Simon's First Exorcism" and "A Digression for Discussion" Part 1

Do you do laundry regularly?
Starting off with the good questions early, I see.

Your favorite piece of furniture?
Seriously, what kind of stupid questions are these? My favorite piece of furniture!? I don’t know… the coffee table? Douche.

Night owl/morning person?
Night owl, no doubt. All the really interesting stuff happens at night.

Are there dishes in the sink?
Hey, Larry King called: he wants his weak-ass interview skills back.

Color of your bedroom walls?
Uh, white. We done yet?

One wish you’d like to come true?
Hmm. Live to be 25. But with the crap I deal with, I’ll be lucky to make it to Senior year.

Favorite TV show?
Battlestar, baby!

Favorite movie?
Evil Dead 2. Bruce Campbell is God!

How many places have you lived?
I grew up in Detroit, then my Mom and me, we moved up here to Nain Rouge last summer. So two, I guess. Well… three, if you count the mental hospital. But I was only there a year before I burn… I mean, before it burned down, so I don’t think that counts.

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