Recently, there has been a string of terrible incidents where several ficleteers in question have used a certain word in commenting. A certain word that, though I’d rather not say it, must be said for the sake of it never being heard again.

The word is “interesting.”

This horrendous word, when not followed with more information or critiques or ratings, is a blasphemy on the purpose of comments. Nay, even ratings make it indecipherable as to the true meaning of the commenter’s critiquing.

Ficleteers want to know what you really think of their work. Don’t emptily criticize them if you don’t like it, but don’t make it impossible for them to tell the meaning, either.

So if you would like to join the fight against this word, join the AAAICOF (Association Against Annoyingly Indecipherable Comments On Ficlets, [pronounced AIYEEE -kof]) and save this website from confused writers who want the truth. Not the insulting truth, just the truth. Because the truth will set you free.

That is all.

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