Becoming Super

“If you want to be a super hero dahling, you need a fabulous name,â€? drawled Don Rialdo Ripaldando, taking a long drag from his cigarette holder. “You need something dashing and brave, something that will make the lady cats go meow.â€?

The object of his attention was looking dubiously at his reflection in the mirror, pulling at a pair of red spandex tights. “I was just thinking about going with Herbert,â€? he said meekly.

Don Rialdo choked on a puff of smoke, and his eyes flew open in shock. “Good heavens boy, what kind of super hero shall you be? The Protector of Pockets? The Ethernet Avenger? No! I will not allow it! You must be suave, like Don Rialdo! Try again!â€?

Herbert sighed, wondering how he got roped into hiring an image consultant. “Lightning McCool?â€?

Don Rialdo gave him a withering glance. “Do you drive NASCAR ?â€?

“Hm. So that’s a no.â€? He had to think like the Don. “Rico Suavamente?â€?

“I think that name is too much for you.”

Herbert’s patience was wearing. “Super Man?â€?

“I suppose that’ll do.â€?

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