The Flaming Man

“Ladies and gentleman, the Flaming Man!” Wednesday cried with bravado, sweeping her arms and bowing off the stage.

The lights dimmed. A single spotlight came down to see a small figure dressed in an oversized costume. The audience strained to see. The figure could be seen peering across the stage, as if looking for something.

Suddenly, a giant blossom of flame, and Burtininkas appeared, a romantically renditioned genie, fez and all. Neither Burt nor Milton said a word. Everything was silent as the genie beckoned the Hero to come closer…

The Hero warily took a step, then another. He drew up to the genie. The genie suddenly whipped his arm towards centerstage. Rings of fire came up, flaming doors in between. Puffs of fire burst out of the floor randomly, ready to incinerate anyone who dared cross the threshold.

The genie motioned for the Hero to step through. The Hero mustered up his courage and…went for the genie. The audience gasped, but the genie vanished in a puff of smoke.

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