The Weirdest Challenge I've ever Read (and I'm the one that Thought it Up, Too)

Well, here I am in the middle of an English project, and I thought, ho hum, some of these would make interesting ficlets. So I am going to make an odd contest. I want you to find the oddest, least-used literary term (i.e., simile or metaphor, although those aren’t rare) you can find, then write a ficlet containing 3 examples if it’s short (like a simile) and one if it’s like a theme that goes through the whole ficlet. Now I’m sure everyone will be like, huh? and not enter because this doesn’t make sense, but it’s late and I’ve been working on homework for the past 2 and a half hours, so I don’t really care. Enter it if you like, I’m sure no one will but, like I said, I don’t particularly care.
PS a good hint would be to look in a literary terms dictionary.
PPS When I find a good n’ rare literary term, I’ll post an example if I have the time.

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