Cat the Dancing Mouse

I am:
1. a totally arty/quirky nut thats had her taste of a fairytale love story and is ready for the book to shut.

2. an actress that is in love with her campies, dark chocolate, and scrubs.

3. a deservedly straight A student that belongs to stage.

4. a ficleteer that really wants you to read her best rated pieces that she wrote and enter her both of her contests. (please?)

5. just another girl in love with Juno, homeskillet.

6. a stunning brunette and a twice over triple threat who loves a stimulating conversation with another intellectual.

Please please please PLEASE submit comments if you read. My Ficlets aren’t very long (well…most aren’t). Please read all of my work, if you get a chance or have the slightest will. Or even some of it. And please enter my contest about pen names. Also, if you feel like it add me :). Oh! And I absolutely love getting notes!

P.S. My experience with a sweetheart almost ruined my life. Currently, he’s into the “omg she’s such a bitch phase,” for those following the mass break-up story.

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