Distant Memories

Yeah, I’m another person who has fallen into the clutches of Stephanie Meyer and is now obsessed with what is probably the best saga in the world: Twilight Saga. By the way, my name’s Emily. I’ll be thirteen in October and I’m really hoping that by then I can be a better writer. I’m really nervous about my eighth grade year at HFMS and I’m hoping ficlets can make writing class a little easier.

I’ve been writing since I was little. Back when I was about seven or eight it was juse short stories about things that have happened to me before. When I was ten I started taking it seriously. In sixth grade I wrote a short story for my writing class that was about twenty pages give or take after editing. The year after my Holocaust essay was about 34 pages. I really hope you like my writing. It’s kind of a straight-forward thing with me and I’m working on forshadowing and such.

Critique, help, advice… All welcome and gladly taken. Thanks everyone. I hope you like my work.

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