Well first of all my name is Felix. Secondly, I am not a human. I am a feline. A cat. Surprising? Maybe to some.
Is it so weird that a cat would like to write and create stories?
I live with my humans who are quite average. They would be quite surprised, I think, if they were to discover me typing up stories on the computer. Therefore I intend to keep my new hobby a secret. Alas, this means I’ll only be able to write when the family’s not around, but not to worry…I am always thinking of new ideas.

Now because you are reading my Bio, I can assume that you want to know more about moi.
Although I am not sure of breed (for I was born on the streets) I can tell you that I am a male cat with long orange fur and a white paws.
Here is a list of some things I enjoy:
• tuna
• the color orange
• naps
• movies
• feathers
• pianos
• belly rubs
• writing (of course)

And here’s list of things I do not like:
• bathtubs
• the neighbor’s Weimaraner
• scissors
• snow
• the vet
• fireworks
• those stupid collars with the tinkly bells

So that’s me. I do hope that you will be honest when commenting and rating my ficlets. I also hope that you will feel free to sequel/prequel any of my ficlets if inspiration strikes.
Feel free to send me a note any time if you have any questions about my ficlets, if you’d like to start a series, or maybe if you’d just like to know a little more about me. :)
Oh and I also have a sn: MeLike2na
I don’t have many cat friends with their own sn so you can imagine that I don’t have very many buddies. So if you’d like to chat, I’d be happy to have a new buddy to talk to.

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