I have a little series I’m working on that I’m having a blast writing. It’s about CherryPop McGee and her very weird life among the zombies and vampires. It starts here:
It’s up to 38 parts now.

Be sure to check out BARomero’s Cool Crossover Ficlet: A Practical Guide to Vampirism at He sent my zombie to therapy :)

I’m a wannabe writer masquerading as a computer geek. I work as a web editor/video producer for a newspaper and I love my job.

But I also love writing, which is probably a given since I found my way here (thanks Wil Wheaton!)

I also joined the League of Awesome. W00t! You can call me the Director of the Bureau of Investigations of Particularly Awesome Phenomena :)

Stuff that describes me… Hmmmm.. Let’s see: I’m somebody’s mum. Anglophile. Girlygeek. Wordy. Eclectic. Smarter than I let on. Observer. Could not function without the Internet. Buffy fan. Whedonite. Blogger.

If you Twitter, so do I! I’m at Or check out my blog at :)

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