The K

I suck at this, but here goes. I love food (although I’m kind of picky about it), late nights (especially spent with good conversation and lots of smiles), kisses under the stars (but only if they’re from the one I love), meteor showers (late nights and under the stars…need I say more?), wishes (I make one every night), good books (I need help finding more), good fires (contained of course), iced tea and hot tea (it doesn’t matter as long as I get my daily dose), people (I’m way extraverted), music in the dark (thank you Mike for opening my eyes), and pretty much life in general (I’m pretty optimistic). And no one needs to know what I hate, it’s not that important. But you do need to know this. I write because I have passion for it. The pen to the paper is almost as a good a sound as whispered laughter in the falling snow…almost. I am free when I write, and that is what’s important. Freedom to be me.

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